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Last updated : Sep 20, 2017 22:14 PM

ailsabridal will periodically present coupons to our dear customers to thank for your support. In order to help to you make full use of the coupons and get saving on orders, we offer the using help for each customer to share good shopping experience on our website.



>  any valid coupons may apply to orders reached the specific min. order amount of the coupon

>  expired coupons can NOT be applied to any order

>  we accept only one coupon on one order

>  coupons can ONLY be applied to your order at the last step of check-out process, if somehow the coupon can’t be applied to the order, you may re-place an order and get another try to apply it (you may ignore the previous order and keep it “Unpaid”)

>  coupons will be marked as “Used” only if it is applied to the order successfully;

>  "Expired" coupon means it can NOT be applied to any orders anymore;

>  we do NOT accept refund of coupon amount when you are making product returns

>  if you accidently applied your coupon to the order you "do not want to pay", please contact us for re-charging the coupon to your account


Use of Coupon
You may find out your coupon in "My Wallet" of your account. (You have to register to to activate your account.)

Click into "My Coupons", you may check the coupon status.

We hope the above information is useful for you. If you still have problems with the coupon usage, please contact us with the unique coupon code and your account name

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