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Last updated : Sep 20, 2017 22:14 PM

Thank you for visiting, where you will find thousands of dresses offered at incredible wholesale prices. A quick look around our site will reveal our massive range of first-rate goods, be they tailored clothing, or clothing accessories,but who are we?
Our Story

We started to practice our online store since Feb, 2015. For the first sight, we are creating a web base on our many years traditional background, which is our top competitive Edge by specializing in wedding, prom dresses. We chose the most famous Ltd, the most experienced E business company as our Web site technology supporter to build as our platform on international trade online, not only it's a professional platform on clothing industry, But also it plays a role to guide us to overseas world from the E-business site.

Our Target

  • Fresh
    Unique interface, glam style. Never be worried where to leave the size and color options. Especially designed web site for dresses ordering function.
  • Professional
    Garment details display. With occasional guide, Every day new coming products updated,
    4000+ special event wear styles could be chosen and make for your personal size.
  • Occasional
    All about occasions. Wedding dresses, prom dresses, tuxedos and accessories. And no matter in a wedding ceremony, graduate prom, home coming party, or formal affairs, you can select the right style in ailsabridal.
  • Personal Care
    You can customize almost all the dresses of your choice, without extra fee. It's your personal tailor workshop. Never let you figure to fit the gowns, and we will make that fit for you.
  • Convenient
    One-stop shopping experience, individual purchase option may help you to custom your dresses easily. Active customer reviews to let you share your experience with others, and improve your ailsabridal using skills.

Thanks for it. 


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