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<< Back to ListHow To Choose 2018 Prom Dresses

Last updated : Jan 15, 2018 18:52 PM

ailsabridal carries a large selection of prom dresses that are shown in many prom fashion magazines. From cheap and inexpensive prom dresses to elegant evening gowns, we have it all!

If you can't decide what prom dress or gown is right for you, we can help. Narrow down your choices using the filters in the listing page that answer basic questions about your dream dress. First one is easy, what length do you want? Long prom dresses and knee length dresses create an elegant and glamorous look, while short prom dresses and high low party dresses tend to look more youthful and fun.

  • Long Prom
  • Knee Length Prom
  • Short / Mini Prom
  • High Low Prom

Next chose your color. It's always safe to go with the little black dress or white evening gown, but why not send a bold statement with a vibrant red gown, short purple dress, or even a unique print prom dress. Remember, if you have your heart set on a specific color you may miss out on some amazing designs so try to keep an open mind on this one.

  • Little Black Dress
  • Little White Dresses
  • Vibrant Red
  • Purple

The detail filter let's you decide on what neckline, design details, or embellishments you may want to browse. This collection includes strapless sweetheart dresses, sexy halter gowns with daring low cut necklines, open back dresses, and elegant one shoulder short dresses. There are delicate lace dresses with sleeves, dazzling sequin ball gowns and opulently beaded mermaid dresses.

  • Srapless Sweetheart
  • Halter Gowns
  • New Back Details
  • One Shoulder

No matter what style you chose remember to stay true to yourself and your 2018 prom dress will make you feel confident and look amazing on your specia night.

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