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Why I need to pay freight for Free Shipping items?

What is CPF Number?

Why couldn't I find some products in my favorite list?

How is the dress shipped?

What type of payments do you accept?

Where are you located?

I am having trouble with my shopping cart, what do I do?

How will I know my dress is on its way?

Will I be charged sales tax?

What does 'Rush Order' mean?

I'm in a real hurry, how do I get my dress faster?

How long will it take to get my dress?

Where I can try on your dresses before paying it?

I am confused, what size wedding gown should I order?

Can I return the dress if I don't like it?

Is my purchase secure over the Internet?

What is the difference between buying from ailsabridal Online versus buying from a store or on eBay?

How can I get information on special offers, sales, new merchandise and fashion trends?

How Do I Contact You?

How to get the sizes for myself?

Can I cancel my order in the process of production?

Can I exchange the size and the color of the dress I have ordered in the process of production?

Do you ship to my country?

How is the shipping cost to my address?

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